Peter Jowahir
Peter Jowahir
IT Project Manager PMP | EDI/B2B Specialist | Applications Developer
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Project Manager & IT Operations

Peter provides services to North American clientele and nationally across Canada for the implementations of EDI and Enterprise custom projects. PEG has increased communication and planning between business silos and IT functions to integrate the two views, creating a common vision related to a customer satisfaction mindset. PEG has facilitated cross-functional comprehension so that IT and business processes can be transparent, and timeless can be better outlines, all of which greatly improve IT Support.

EDI/B2B Specialist


Software and Applications Proficiency / Language EDI Tools and Hardware

- RPG, RPGII, RPG400, RPGLE - Trusted Link Gentran EDI - MS Office Suite - COBOL, CLP, SQL, OCL, IFS - JD Edwards World, CS-PRMS, SAP - Business 400, Lansa, X-Analysis - PEG change Management - Visio, Flow Chart, MS Project - Zoho One

Professional Development

- JD Edwards Technical Training - IBM Partnership Training - Personal Performance Center - ITIL V4 (almost certified) - Automated Training Systems- Peregrine Trusted Link - Maximizer CRM - TOGAF (almost certified) - Lansa Summitch Lansa Case Tool - Databorough X-Analysis Case Tool - 

Zoho Creator certified - Deluge / API

Applications / E-Business Experience

- Order Billing, Distribution, Invoicing, Sales Analysis, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Equipment Maintenance Scheduling, Data Transformation
Purchase Order, Purchase Order Acknowledgement, Advanced Ship Notice, Shipment Notifications, Carrier Shipment Appointments, Invoicing, Electronic Funds Notifications and product catalog